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This site provides information, education, and services to support the implementation and continuous improvement of Pull Scheduling Systems. It also provides information on other Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints (TOC) tools and techniques.
Pull Scheduling is truly a paradigm shift from the scheduling systems that most Businesses use today. These systems have proved to be absolutely superior to traditional methods, and their use will have positive impacts on your business in ways you would not expect.
Pull Scheduling Systems Benefit Your Company by:

1. Increasing sales
2. Improving quality
3. Reducing operating costs

4. Increasing capacity and throughput
5. Reducing invested assets
6. Increasing employee satisfaction (morale) 

Free Video! - Lean Value Stream Mapping: The Doctor's Office Visit

This video utilizes a verbal description of the process steps during a visit to the Doctor's Office to demonstrate Value Stream Mapping and Lean Manufacturing techniques. This is a great introduction to Lean Manufacturing and basic Process Improvement.
Go to the Videos page to view today.

Free eBook! - Pull Scheduling Systems Overview  
This free eBook provides an overview of the logic behind Pull Scheduling, the advantages versus traditional scheduling approaches, and a summary of the basic types of Pull Scheduling techniques. It also covers basic Lean Manufacturing and TOC concepts.
Go to the eBooks page to get your copy today.